Monday, May 22, 2017

PIMPLES IN EARS (Popping pimple in ear)

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How to cleanse the face of acne, which means is better and why do pimples appear on the face?

Morning, you put the coffee to boil and hurry to the bathroom for the morning shower. The day promises to be wonderful, long and full of meetings and discoveries. However - one look in the mirror - and a good mood disappears ... Acne, or acne, this scourge of youth, grows older every year. And now even in 40 years no one is protected from it. However, let's look at the causes of acne and the means to combat acne.
Urban air, fast food and other factors significantly prolong the duration of sebaceous gland activity and put the skin under extra load, which makes this disease all-aged. However, undoubtedly, it is the adolescent and post-adolescent periods of hormonal "bursts", whose onset is signaled by the appearance of acne, are the most active manifestation of this skin ailment of the face, and sometimes - of the body.

Causes of acne on the face, types of acne
So, the most common reason for the appearance of acne on the face is hormonal changes in the body. Of course, the adolescent period is the brightest example of this. In human life - this is the period of the greatest activity of hormones. The hormonal storm rages inside the body, and outside it we see its consequences - a coarse voice, varying body proportions and, alas, acne. Few people manage to avoid this scourge - teenage pimples. Even if the growth takes place within the normal range and the skin is sufficiently thin and problem-free, it is impossible to pass the puberty without a single pimple - they will appear, albeit in a single quantity.
Similar work of hormonal glands occurs also in women during pregnancy and a certain phase of the menstrual cycle (and this too can be accompanied in some cases by rashes of acne) or with certain endocrine problems in adults. Even newborn babies show conditions similar to acne - they also have a hormonal nature even a separate name - a hormonal crisis. In addition, some medicines, the specifics of work, even inhaled air - all this can become a pathogenic factor of acne.

Actually, the word pimple is not quite a medical term, or rather its meaning is too blurry. Specialists distinguish the following types of acne:

- Papule. This is a full-fledged pimple, it is inflamed and painful on palpation, which is why its color can vary from red to bluish. When pressed, it turns pale, then pours again.
- Pustule. May be primary. Capable of appearing from papules. It differs from the latter in the presence of purulent contents, which goes to the surface of the acne with a white dot. Papules and pustules have a common name for "red pimples".
- Nodular-cystic acne. Severe form of pustules, which are no longer single, but form conglomerates that penetrate deep into the dermis; They are interconnected by fistulous ducts and quite painful. They require serious systemic treatment.
- Lightning-fast pimples. The most severe form of acne is accompanied not only by extensive areas of acne, but also by hyperthermia, muscle and bone pains, changes in the leukocyte blood count. Requires immediate medical attention.