Monday, 22 January 2018

What’s Inside a Cyst ?



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What Cyst (Lipoma)?
   It is clear from the Greek name lipoma ": " lipo" is translated as fat, and "oma" is this completion meaning any tumour. Thus, a lipoma is the tumour of fatty fabric, of though and high quality. Lipoma (Cyst) is this soft and movable new formation under a skin, that can appear on any part of body. By the way, despite widespread opinion, into a malignant tumour this education will never grow.
  And to deliver to trouble and give certain complications it can. So, an inveterate lipoma can  become as a capsule  and to become a quite good nourishing environment for the representatives of pathogenic microflora, but cyst is hidden from influence of antibodies that protect our organism. As a result there is infecting of lipoma. In addition, they have ability to overgrow. A problem of cyst is yet and in that they do not have the brightly expressed symptomatology. Even if on him to press on, it can not experience pain. And however, lipoma is safe in spite of the fact that, necessarily see a doctor and conduct the inspection of new formation. It is needed in an order to specify a diagnosis.

Educations on a body: reasons of origin
    Lipoma can arise up anywhere that there is fatty fabric: on a back, on hands, feet, etc. However, quite often they appear and wherein there is small fat.
    On the whole, cyst on a body, reasons of appearance of that we will consider farther, divided by the most different kinds. So, lipomas on a neck are named ring-like cyst,  capsule Lipomas appear because fatty fabric too overgrew into some organ, petrification lipoma arises up from the deposit of salts of calcium.
   Also there are fibrotic cysts treelike (mostly appear in joints), cysts on a leg, diffuse lipomas soft, and also lipomas, with bone fabric inwardly. But also thereon the list of types of cysts on a body does not close: very different they are. Reasons of their appearance until now are studied and theories are much.

   For certain it is known only that at first is littered channel of oil-gland on a skin, and then in this place there is a lipoma. Or on the certain area of body too much fatty cages are saved. It is considered in people that reasons of origin of cysts on a body is an obstruction of organism slags, but official medicine does not quite agree with it, because does not perceive such concept seriously, as "slags are in an organism".
   Also in appearance of new formations on a body quite often accuse violations of work pancreas and thyroids, and also hypophysis.
 Among other reasons mark:
- is overweight,
- diabetes
- is alcoholism,
- is a not mobile way of life,
- is the improper feeding,
- are malignant new formations of respiratory tracts,
- is heredity.

   Physicians consider also, that lipomas, more precisely their education, strongly associate with insufficiency of regulator proteins-enzymes.

Cyst on face: reasons and safety rules
 They are too safe, but deliver inconveniences of aesthetic character. Simply - do for appearance. White lipomas are most widespread on eyelids, under eyes, on lips, and also Cysts on a forehead. In their origin accuse a pathometabolism, problems with hormones, diseases of buds, endocrine system, thyroid, improper feeding. It is needed to notice that squeezing out lipomas is impossible. Even if it is very desirable. In fact it is fraught infecting of both lipoma and all fabrics round him. That is why the most correct decision will be exactly a hike to the doctor.

Educations on a head.
    It is ordinary soft compressions under a skin, having a form of ball. As well as other lipomas, they are movable, and their content reminds a fatty cellulose. And yet they quite often are mixed up with atheroma, but only last is the cyst of oil-glands. They are really alike outwardly, but atheroma appear in skin fabrics, and lipomas - directly under a skin. Among reasons of their appearance there can be pathology of adipocytes (fatty cages), metabolic disturbances, problems with a lipometabolism, and also heredity. On treatment of cyst on a head usually leaves quite small time and it passes painless. The section of fatty fabric, moving away of lipomas and other methods a laser, is popular. After moving away of lipoma it is needed to undertake a histological study.

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