Monday, April 17, 2017


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So on a Wednesday my ear started started hurting pretty bad. I got some wax out and all seemed to be good. Thursday my ear started draining fluid. I just figured it was irriated, maybe a little infected. We go into friday morning and  I check my ear and this monstrosity is oozing out. I go to the Er And he says "oh its just a flap of skin that should fall off in a few days" I get ear drops and go home

I took this friday night. was very painful and couldn't hear anything but deep bass and my own breathing.

Few hours later, its still coming out.

this was taken Saturday,  just got worse and worse

It got so big that it formed to my ear and swoll up more

At this point on Sunday I went to immediate care. They had never seen anything like it and told me they couldnt do anytjing and to go to an ENT. Great

When I got home from the Immediate care I began squeezing it and alot of puss starting coming out. I got all I could out.

Ending up with a deflated peice of skin just hanging not knowing what to do with it.

Ending up with a deflated peice of skin just hanging not knowing what to do with it.

Monday morning its kinda filled back up with puss. I went to the ENT and he said he had never seen anything like it before

He was able to take it out. As soon as he did he was like "thats some serious shit" he sent it off to be tested and I go back in a week to check up on it.

Still slightly infected, but I can hear!

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Ear infection spread to my face/head and won't go away, Help.

In early March I got water stuck in my ear for a couple of days. Eventually it turned into an ear infection. I didn't see a doctor and after almost 3 weeks it eventually got to the point that it was painful to even put a phone to my ear. What got me to see someone is that it started to spread to the left side of my face, I started to get really bad headaches, and I was waking up from my sleep shaking. Throughout all this I never got a fever.

I finally went and was put on amoxicillin clavulanate and some ear drops...forgot what they were. The infection started to clear up and by the 10th and last day I only had the tiniest bit of pain if I manually wiggled my ear but all other symptoms gone. 

About 3 days later my symptoms started coming back. This time it wasn't focused in my ear but instead to the back of my neck and head. Headaches and shaking came back but I also started to find it hard to focus. Still no fever. The doctor gave me a Z Pack but told me to wait 3 days to take it cuz my ear looked fine and I didn't have a fever; that this could be a viral infection. 

I waited but only got worse so I took the Z pack and noticed really quick improvements. I swear I could feel it fizzing inside of my face, jaw, and back of my head. But again, by the time I took the last pill it seemed that I was on the verge of getting fully cured, just the tiniest of pain on the back of my head. 

I felt fine for maybe 5 days but then the cycle started again. Severe headaches, stiff neck so bad that I couldn't rest my head on my pillow to sleep, I had to sleep in a seated position. Again it was hard to focus and I would have some confusion. Twice I went to my car and opened the passenger's side door instead of driver's side. I went to call out from work and I forgot what I was doing, then when I remembered, I forgot how to do it. This happened fri night and I didn't get to the doctor till monday and by then miraculously I had already started to feel better...not great but now at my worst. Again I was told that it was probably a virus and that it's on it's way out. That was two days ago. The feeling of being sick never went away but I felt..ok, until now. Headache is back, pains, and shivering as I type this but still, no fever at all. 98 temp.

Idk what to do anymore, I just feel that I need to be on antibiotics for longer than a week but with no visible sign of infection I feel like I'm going to be told to go home and wait it out again. Tomorrow will be 2 months with the only days I felt normal was towards the end of antibiotics. I'm worried that it might be meningitis but that seems to be more sudden than my prolonged infection. Idk. Any advice of what to do or what tests to asks for would be great.

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