Saturday, 2 June 2018

OMG!!! POPPING Shock CYST on ASS "mrZit"

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Is it an ovarian cyst or a potential ovarian met? 

My PET in January didn't pick up any met in my ovary (but I also did not have my period back then), but I know there are different types of cysts and some can turn cancerous. My current doctor is an expert of liver surgery He felt inadequate to offer any professional advice on the cyst... he said he trusts since my PET didn't pick up anything and my CEA is normal, it's probably nothing. But he did suggest I go to an OBGYN to have it checked out to give myself peace of mind. 

I have scheduled an appt with my OBGYN, what kind of things should I ask her? To do an ultrasound to determine what's the cyst about? Thanks a lot for your help in advance!!! Any info would help!  I had a pelvic ultrasound done last summer and it found an ovarian cyst but my OB GYN said nothing to worry about. This was after I finished my initial regimen of chemo and radiation. It’s probably a good idea to get the ultrasound just to be sure. I didn’t ask too many questions of my doctor, I just trusted what she said. Maybe others could chime in with questions to ask. But I feel like I remember her saying it could have been treatment-related.  Definitely go to your gyn and get an ultrasound. I would actually advise that you ask for two, during two different cycles totrack for changes. I did that, and nothing was changing and docs said it was just a complex cyst. I thought about it and went back and said take it out please. I didn't need it and I didn't want to worry about it any more.

The doc told me before surgery if it was nothing he would remove the cyst, if it was ovarian, they'd do a hysterectomy, and if it was colon, he'd take both ovaries. I woke from surgery and before my doc came in, I asked the nurse, what happened. She said I'd had both ovaries removed. Colon cancer met.

Please follow up, and trust your instinct. Good luck!! Thank you so much everybody!!! Wow, I actually debated about whether or not I should post something here asking for help! I should have done it right away!

After my lead doctor said the MRI reported just a 2.5cm ovarian cyst, it should be nothing big, probably just a cyst with water inside. But when he added "You can go to an OBGYN if you wanna be on the safe side", it got me alarmed. So me being Stage IV, he is asking "if" I wanna be on the safe side?? :evil: I worked so hard to beat this monster, I want to be on the absolute safest side!  :?  :? 

Since I have seen everybody's response, I have called a lot of OBGYN's clinics with most of the doctors away during Easter break :( ... I was gonna just wait around until next week when more doctors are back (including my usual one). But now I feel like I want to have an ultrasound now!!

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