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Can a simple cyst change into a more serious cyst?
Posted 15 days ago

Hi all!

I am very new to this forum, but any advice I can get on cysts would be extremely helpful- as I feel very alone at this point and time. I am 18 years old and I have a 5 cm x 4 cm simple cyst in my left ovary. Although I have heard the stories of how 'simply cysts can't cause symptoms' I am practically going nuts! When the cyst was first discovered (early February) it was just a 'lil 4 cm cyst, measuring less than 2 cm's across. Now it's grown, nearly doubling in width, and I feel like I'm the only one concerned. My initial symptoms were cramping, pain during intercourse, and bowel irregularities. My GYN seemed unbothered and told me to wait it out.

I had an ultrasound which verified that it grew, and along with that growth I have had nonstop nausea along with fatigue. Even though I am only 125 lbs I LOVE to eat, and since mid-February I haven't been able to even keep solid food down (rice, soup, and yogurt have become my best friend!)

Now, here we are in April. After playing the 'waiting-game' for two months I was prescribed a low-dosage birth control to see if maybe the pain would subside, but it's getting worse. My newest, and most odd symptom yet, would have to be this odd back pain I have been having. It's on my RIGHT side though, whereas my original cyst is on my left. Here is where two issues arise.

1.) My mom is a DCIS survivor. It was determined that her breast cancer was caused by BRCA2, which could very likely be in my genome. With this knowledge and the new back pain on my RIGHT side, I fear that there's a new cyst that just magically appeared on my right ovary. Although I still feel the extreme pain on my left- I do recognize some pain on the RIGHT. Is that even possible? In a months time to have a cyst grow and develop so large to cause THIS many issues?

2.) Tieing it all together with my original question, could cysts change forms? Everyone including my GP, GYN, and even my own mother are stuck on the fact that my cysts are too small to cause symptoms as well as "simply cysts don't cause symptoms". 

I know this was a lot, and I do apologize. But we've all been there. That trap of feeling alone. That's why I came here, because I know there's atleast someone who can help! Thank you so much!


To answer shortIy, I don't think simple cysts can magically transform into complex ones. I have a 3.8 cm x 3.3 cm one on my right ovary and it's killing me. It's a simple, fluid filled cyst, but the symptoms are really bad. Problems with my bowels, pain in my right side when going to the bathroom, dull pain or pain resembling cold needles that moves around from my pelvic area to my right upper abdomen, in line with my belly, back pain, shoulder feeling numb sometimes, bloating, nausea... I've also been running in circles, wondering if it's really the cyst that's causing these symptoms, when I hear the exact same thing as you: that small simple cysts should't cause problems. However, the more I talk to people with similar issues, the more I'm convinced that yes, simple cysts can give bad symptoms.

As for the growth, mine also grew at the last scan. Surgery is required when they reach over 6 cm, so up until then, there is still the chance of them going away with your menstruation, or at least reducing in size. I think you should have a bit of patience and see if the cyst gets smaller with your next period. That's the same thing I will do as well with mine.

In the meantime, you can try herbal teas that help shrinking the cyst. Raspberry buds tea does wonders, from what I heard, because it helps regulating the hormonal imballance that caused the cyst in the first place. And of course, the trick is to be a natural tea, not the ones with artificial flavours we find in stores. xD I will try it myself as soon as I can get my hands on it and see how it goes.

You can also do some research on internet, because there are lots of plants which help with this issue. I gave up on birth control pills, because they didn't work for me and made me feel sicker than I was before, so I will focus on herbal remedies from now on. 

Hope I could be of some help to you. I know on my own skin how mentally stressful this issue can be, so just hang in there!



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