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There are many reasons, such as minor injuries, scratches, incorrectly performed manicure or pedicure, which provoke the appearance of suppuration on the finger, it is also called a panaritium. It all starts with the fact that the wound is filled with gnoerodnye germs — Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, which multiply and the disease begins to progress. In the early stages of the disease can still help a variety of home remedies, but only under the supervision of a doctor. And if the symptoms began to increase, then without surgery can not do.

This disease can not be ignored, as it can lead to sepsis – infection of the blood. To avoid this disease, you first need to follow the rules of hygiene. It is also necessary to strengthen the immune system, as people with weak immunity are very vulnerable to this disease.

The feet are often suppuration occurs due to ingrown toenail on a larger finger. In this article, we'll look at how to prevent the problem.  why treat suppuration of the finger
First of all, at the first stages of the inflammatory process, it is necessary to make baths. It can be as solutions with manganese, and with calendula and eucalyptus. One Cup of warm water will need one teaspoon of tincture, in which you need to hold a sick finger. The procedure should be performed several times a day for 30 minutes. 

For maturation and outflow of pus bake whole bulb, cut in half, and impose on the sore spot. In order to it is well kept and secure it with bandage. The bandage needs to be changed not less than once in 4 hours.
With severe inflammation, a compress of garlic and soap will help. For that head of garlic you need to bake, then carefully grind, to it add the grated soap and the master of these ingredients to make the cake and apply on your finger. The bandage should be able to withstand four hours, then changed to a new one.
This pack prevents the formation of a purulent abscess. Take the red beets and grate, the resulting slurry apply on the inflamed finger and snap. Such a compress should be done after a warm bath of manganese or calendula.
To reduce inflammation and draw out the pus from the finger good fresh pulp of potatoes. It is applied like an ordinary wrap, and replace every 3 hours.
For quick maturing felon you need warm milk in it to moisten a small piece of white bread and apply to the affected spot, then to fix it with a bandage. Compresses are best done at night and in the morning the bandage carefully remove.
In our other article you can get acquainted with the use of milk for the treatment of other diseases. For example, milk and butter helps with cough and many have already helped this recipe.
To quickly remove the abscess you need to prepare the following mixture: honey, flour and roasted onions (all ingredients in equal proportions) good RUB , put on a sore thumb and secure with a bandage. The poultice should be about 5 hours, after which zamanivaya fresh.
Castor oil helps to cope with this disease. Take a bottle of castor oil and bring under a jet of hot water to warm it. Then apply it not gauze and then apply to the inflamed area for two hours, at the expiration of the time replace it with fresh.
Another good remedy on this ailment is baked in a glass of whole milk in the oven. Bake is required prior to brown foams, a piece where you need to put on the damaged place, and fix with a bandage and keep overnight.

How to remove pus from finger with soda
In this disease, as a felon helps bath of soda. To prepare it, you need to add two tablespoons of baking soda to a glass of hot water, then lower the sick finger into it for 30 minutes.

Do not forget that the one-time use of such baths is unlikely to help, this disease needs a comprehensive treatment. It should be done at least three times a day for 2-3 days. After each procedure the wound to lubricate the skin around the felon iodine.

Bath of garlic, sea buckthorn oil and soda
For its preparation you will need one head of garlic finely chop and pour boiled water, but we must cool down to about +80C. One head of garlic you will need about 200 ml of cooled boiled water. Leave the mixture for five minutes to infuse, then add three drops of sea buckthorn oil and 2 tablespoons of soda.

Method of application

After the mixture has rested for about one minute, you can begin the procedure. The water should be around +70C. A sore thumb, should be dipped in the glass for a few seconds, then pull out and down again, not worth all the time to keep in the water. As the cooling water try the finger hold on longer in water. If the bath is used for the child, it is recommended to reduce the amount of garlic to avoid burning.

Pus under the skin on the finger, what treatment for abscess to take?
Even at the first stages of the disease can be cured panaritium at home, but under the supervision of a doctor. But if the symptoms have increased, the body temperature rose significantly, and there were strong suppuration, then you should immediately consult a surgeon. Treatment at home provides such methods:

Regular baths with manganese. To prepare it you need to a glass of boiled water (after cooled down a bit), add a small amount of potassium permanganate until the water becomes slightly pink. Then a sore thumb dipped in the solution for 5-7 minutes.
After the procedure, the patient's place is gently washed with a bandage and it is adjusted folded four times gauze soaked in dioksidinovoj ointment.
Imposed a compress should fix it with a bandage.
If the symptom has increased, then the doctor provides surgical treatment, which takes place under local anesthesia. The operation is simple, the doctor makes a small incision and removes dead tissue, then introduces an antibiotic. If a person has a subungual panaritium, the nail is removed. The duration of treatment is 5-7days.

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