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   INGROWN HAIRS: reasons, consequences, how to get rid

   Oddish cones as though arose up on your face. All know that they exactly not pimple. The few knows that they are not displays of hives. Is it necessary to underline that you began to think some time, that you will be tormented from such disease as there is a growing in hair? A growing in hair takes place, when aftershave hair grow back in a skin, causing inflammation and irritation. In itself certainly, a dead skin litters from time to time, as we are expressed, hair to the follicle, that also compels hair raise aside under a skin, but not high into the air and outside, and you - to worry how to get rid from a growing in hair

    By the result of deeply growing in hair, in general that, there are noncommunicative pain and origin of the inflamed cone in area of removal of hair. It would be badly, if we did not mark that cones can from growing in hair, put it mildly, to result in a constraint and shame for the appearance.

As growing in hair look

-  Growing in hair irritate a skin as though. All know that they create red cone, to the slight swelling, that looks as pimple. Not for whom not secret that from time to time growing in hair, eventually, can form a sickly, " boiling" area as though.
-  Growing in hair just accompanied by an itch and inconvenience, in particular if you have many growing in hair at once. All know that from time to time into " a cone" you will be able to see that all know a long ago, pus, or you will be able to see a hair that causes a problem.
-   For fellows, growing in hair aftershave appear quite often, as a great number of little " shots" in a chin, cheeks or neck, since the process of shaving closes.
-   A growing in hair more often than all for ladies, finally, is on feet, also in area of лобка and arm-pits. It is very desirable to underline that you also will be able, began to be, to get growing in hair on, as people got used to be expressed, to pubic part and round your buttocks.

Symptoms of growing in hair

    Growing in hair more often than all, finally, arise up for fellows in area of beard, including on a chin, cheeks and, in particular, on a neck. In itself certainly, they, in general that, can appear on the skin of head for fellows that shave a head. It is very desirable to underline that for ladies, more, as all know, all widespread areas of growing in hair are arm-pits, Loboc and feet. It is necessary to mark that signs and symptoms of growing in hair are contained:

-Little, hard, rounded cones (papulae)
-Shallow, filled by a pus, a blister is similar damages (pustules)
-Darkening of skin (polychromia)

Pre-conditions of growing in hair

    Though what man, eventually, can get growing in hair. In itself certainly, but more often the mix-up of growing in hair, put it mildly, meets for people that have extraordinarily curling or rough hair. As it was not strange, but curling hair, more credible than all, bend back and repeatedly included in a skin, in particular later that shaving.

    Not counting that, people with the very tall level of certain, as we got used to talk, sexual hormones, also just can have a superfluous height of hair, that does most credible possibility to get, for example, a growing in hair in a groin.

   Almost all inhabitants of Caucasus, afro-americans, natives from Latin America, and people with rough, thick or curling hair, have  a type of growing in hair under the heading of, finally, pseudofolliculitis. Pay attention to that most knowable as " a blow of razor," this collection of little shots quite often meets on the area of beard after, as all know, that as you grow again, at their sharp edge, that is why they with lightness is passed back through a skin and get in a trap under the surface of skin.

How as though to cure a growing in hair 

   A quite often growing in hair, in short that, disappears on for itself. As it was not strange, but if, as majority from us got used to talk, such will happen not as, a growing in hair can be so to say infected,  inflammation can as though happen  from a growing in hair, in a timely manner, finally, to do for a skin or give up after itself a scar.

   If a growing in hair worries you or he was infected, your doctor is able to do, as we are expressed, little incision in a skin, as we talk constantly to you, by a sterile needle or scalpel, that you could, finally, to get rid from a growing in hair.

A doctor can also prescribe medicine, such as:

    Steroids, that you will begin to inflict on your skin, that to hammer together a tumour
Retinoids, that to delete, as majority from us got used to talk, dead skin cells and as oral or locally on a skin for healing of infection at a growing in hair
      In fact so to say there is no healing that will release you from difficulty of growing in hair, not considering how at last to grow a beard. Indeed, most, as led expressed, long hairsprings are not such, as led, sharp on ends, that is why they will not be so maybe back to germinate in a skin. Indeed, but for people that prefer the unblemished shaving just - or for ladies is abandonment from as though to shave oneself not, finally, perchance by a variant how to cure a growing in hair.

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