Monday, April 24, 2017

ACNE LIKE SPAGHETTI !!! OMG...! (Best compilation)

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  How to remove pimples from the body ? - a question that worries many from a youth and throughout life. They are annoying with their presence, causing a lot of problems, making them feel uncomfortable, and if they squeeze out these pimples, they will go all over the body.

How to cure acne on the body? And anyway, is it possible to get rid of this scourge forever?

There is a proven method for years and hundreds of people, which suggests how to cure acne on the body in order to find a healthy and beautiful skin.

  How to treat acne on the body. 1 way.
It is necessary to rub every day with salicylic acid pimples on the body, and then lubricate with sulfur, and then disposal will be very effective. You can add to this the trays of horsetail.

  How to remove pimples from the body. 2 way.
Aloe juice is a wonderful folk remedy for acne. One aloe leaf is placed in the refrigerator for a day, and after this time squeeze out the juice from it. This, we will not be afraid of this word magic juice it is necessary to wipe pimples on a body before their full disappearance.

 How to cure acne on the body. 3 way.
  Calendula has a good antimicrobial effect, it can be used to rub the places on which there are pimples. If you really want to squeeze out pimples that are already unbearable, you should not do it, otherwise you risk getting an even worse picture: they will go all over the body or worse - they will go deeper, and then expect trouble from either side. You can use the gel "Skinoren" for acne, but it is worth remembering that it is not suitable for sensitive skin. So, a universal tool that "knows" how to remove pimples from the body, this gel is not and not all can use it.

  How to treat acne on the body. 4 way.
(This disposal of acne is suitable for units, do not use it if you are not sure of the effectiveness of the method)
    The usual tan very well helps to get rid of pimples on the body. You can sunbathe and in nature under the sun, and just go to the solarium, the effect will be like a real sun. The amount of acne is significantly reduced from sunburn. It works like this: a tan first dehydrates the skin, which helps reduce the amount of acne on the body, and when the tan becomes strong and even, the pimples on the body will disappear almost completely. There is one "but" in this way - when the tan comes off,
Acne will start to appear again, especially if the reasons for their appearance are inside the body. So the solarium and the sun can have a good effective effect on the pimples on your body, but this effect will only be short-lived. In addition, it is better not to use various scrubs before sunburn, this skin can only damage.

  If you want to remove pimples from the body, then:  6 way
  For a long-term and sustainable result, do not try to squeeze pimples, (as we have already said, there is a risk that they will go all over the body), you need to accustom yourself to proper nutrition. And forever! What you eat is very important in matters of education and getting rid of acne. For each of us, the formula of nutrition will be its own, and it will have to be withdrawn independently, based on its experience. But nutritionists advise to eat as little sweet, flour and roast as possible, and increase the amount of fresh fruit.
  In addition, it is worth examining the body to find out whether there are any irregularities in the work of internal organs, because often the main reason for the appearance of acne can be an internal disease, which you even may not even know about. Remember that there are a lot of ways to treat acne on the body, how many of us, and so many options, but what exactly will suit you, the doctor will tell you only. It is advisable not to engage in self-medication.

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