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Popping BUIISHIT on my shoulder, looks like a volcano ZIT !

    The ZIT is the small inflamed hillock on a skin of the person or an animal.
    Acne, acnes — an inflammation of sebaceous glands. Distinguish an acne ordinary, keloid, red, necrotic, medicamental, professional, etc.
   Practically all body, including the person, is covered with hairs. The hair grows from a follicle, and helps it with body height, providing with "lubricant", the sebaceous gland which is also in a follicle.

    The acne is a difficult disease of hair follicles and sebaceous glands. At a blockage of follicles of sebaceous and hair ducts "stopper" from an admixture of dermal fat and the died-off flakes of a skin ordinary acnes develop (other name — comedos, an acne eruption).

Concept "acne illness"

   The term "acne illness" among experts appeared rather recently. Term per se is the indicating on the fact that emergence of an acne eruption is the first bulletin of serious change of a condition of all organism.

  Most often acne illness has deep roots – its implication means that all organism is sick.

It occurs because between a skin and interiors there is a strong link. During illness the organ allocates a large amount of toxicant waste products in a blood and a lymph.

   Further these substances spread on circulatory and lymphatic channels, getting to external areas, coming to light. Here and development of an acne eruption begins. Until then, as the organism is able to neutralize and remove independently toxins, similar diseases don't prove in any way, being shown only by secondary symptoms of which complain. It both rhinites, and tonsillitis, and acne rashes and various reddenings and ecdysis of an integument.

   Most often the locating, the greatest activity and symptoms of acne illness allow to determine by what consequence of dysfunction of an organ it is. For example, at the strengthened rash of acnes at women in a mouth and on a chin usually pathologies of ovaries are the reasons, on temples – say about a problem with a cholic puzyryom, and tell rashes on cheeks about problems with an intestine.

Recently the problem of acne rashes stopped being especially teenage.

How zits are formed?

    Skin is covered with the sebaceous glands developing a fat secret which humidifies and protects skin. But if the grease secret too dense or it becomes much, sebaceous glands are corked and inflame.

  The inflamed sites of skin — the beautiful place for reproduction of bacteria. The result of this process is visible with the naked eye – on skin spots develop. When skin fat comes out a channel of a sebaceous gland on the surface of skin, it is oxidized and darkens, the black point which cosmetologists call an open comedone is formed.

   Sometimes fat accumulates under skin and forms a firm white ball — a hypodermic spot, or, speaking to language of science, the closed comedone. The most unpleasant display of an acne disease are the inflamed comedones, or large spots. People try to get rid of them, independently deleting. After such attempts on the place of a spot at best there will be a dark red spot, but hems, as after smallpox, enlarged pores and ruts can appear. It will be difficult to get rid of such "ornament", and to blame for the incident there is nobody.

Popping BUIISHIT on my shoulder, looks like a volcano ZIT   on
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