Monday, April 10, 2017

Popping BLACKHEAD Best Compilation (Blackhead removal)

Blackhead (acne)   
the widespread disease of a skin of inflammatory character caused by a lesion of sebaceous glands, their lead-out ducts with involvement in process of hair follicles. Depending on the causes and features of a clinical picture distinguish ordinary (vulgar, or youthful), red, medicamental, professional and other versions U. Naiboley often become perceptible ordinary and red At.
Ordinary acnes usually are a complication of a seborrhea at which chemical composition of dermal fat changes, in particular the content of the lowest fatty acids having disinfectant properties decreases. It leads to suppression of its bactericidal properties and creating favorable conditions for reproduction of staphilococci and korinebakteriya in sebaceous glands. Besides, inflammatory reaction in sebaceous glands is caused by a mechanical boring of the cornual masses accumulating in their lead-out ducts. In development ordinary At. neurocirculatory dystonia, endocrine disturbances, chronic constipations, hypovitaminosis And, depression of nonspecific resistance of an organism matter. Histologically at ordinary At. around sebaceous glands and partially blasted follicles the inflammatory infiltrate consisting of neutrophils and lymphocytes is taped. In the mouth of a hair follicle the pustule is formed, at deep At. — the perifollikulyarny infiltrate having more complex structure (plasmocytes, histiocytes) and extending to all depth of a derma.
     Ordinary At. arise during puberty; they tend to a hronchesky current and a recurrence. On face skin, a breast, brachiums, backs appear multiple black points — comedos, or dot (black) At. around which the small red nodules suppurating in the center (papular or papulopustulezny are formed At.). Quite often they reach the larger sizes and form dense morbid infiltrates (indurative At.), which resolve or opened with release of oily and purulent liquid (abscessing At.). Sometimes process accepts an acute current with formation of bright red infiltrates (phlegmonous At.). Most hard acnes  which are also a kind of ordinary proceed so-called ball-shaped, or konglobatny. They differ in existence of large comedos, and then inflammatory knots and abscesses, the fistulose courses, a plentiful purulent exsudate. At patients ordinary At. also deep (atheroma) cysts of sebaceous glands, and also various forms of a pyoderma, for example the Folliculitis, the Furuncle can be found superficial .

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