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Flying GIANT PIMPLE on Neck (Popping pimple on neck)

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    All of us know what can't be done it, but nevertheless, did it at least once in life. What there is a speech about? About pimples or zits and fight against them. It means that it is better to know as it is correct to squeeze out spots, than then to treat probable complications. Independently it is possible to get rid of spots only when precisely you know that it is an isolated case, but not system failure in an organism.
  Why there can be pimples
If spots develop systematically and in a significant amount, surely it is necessary to undergo comprehensive medical examination. And having only found out the exact reason, decide whether it is possible to squeeze out spots. For now it is better to be disaccustomed to a habit "to press".
   In case of hormonal failure, a demodekoz (a hypodermic tick), violation of work of a digestive tract, the contact dermatitis complicated by spots - local "treatment" (by simple removal of spots) won't help but only will aggravate a situation. Here professional approach to elimination of the reasons will be required.
  Emergence of pimples is quite possible also at absolutely healthy person. As a rule, it is connected with hygiene violation of the rules, small cold or natural, hormonal cycles of work of an organism. Before studying how to squeeze out a spot without serious consequences, it is worth clearing the mechanism of his emergence.
  Skin of the person it is difficult "sheeting" - it is body through which time the huge amount of various waste products is allocated. When one of a time is corked (dirt, grease allocations, the horny scales), her normal work is broken and there is an internal inflammation.
    As a result, we have the "swollen-up" pimples or zits which represents a pus congestion under skin. As any inflammation, usually, is process quite painful physically. It is difficult to overestimate psychological discomfort – the type of such "ornament" depresses very much.
   It is so possible or is impossible to squeeze out giant pimple?
It is clear, that the doctor will answer "no" absolutely unambiguously. And nevertheless, how to squeeze out a heat-spot all of us equally will think up. Especially as in the nearest beauty shop do the same and it is called "face peel". Means it is possible to press spots, but it is important to do it correctly:
It is possible to delete only completely ripened spot - that which already has the expressed white head and an appearance "now I will burst". It is possible to understand "extent of maturing" just having touched an inflammation. Not painfully? Then we study how to squeeze out a hypodermic giant pimple.
    It is worth trying to cauterize a spot several times or for the night (pointwise: 1-2% spirit solution of salicylic or boric acid, an anti-septic tank, iodine) – perhaps it will provoke his drying and self-healing.
      Never! Never tamper with pimples or zits in nasolabial area though this most problem place of the person. Here the blood stream is referred immediately to a brain and the slightest infection becomes deadly.

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