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The grown fingernail – as to get rid of it?
  Many people suffer from this, at first sight, trifling illness
It would seem what a little, grew a fingernail and everything, and all that only an edge. But an organism, taking this for a foreign body, sends there "a white blood" that there was a phagocytosis. As a result the sent cells perish, forming pus.
The constant aching pain is still half the problem, business can will end with phlegmon, gangrene and at best ablation of a finger, and even all extremity. And at a diabetes mellitus it is in general accident.
  Why the fingernail grows how to avoid it and what it is necessary to make to forget about such morbid inconvenience? We will begin one after another.
"The movement is life and if the movement is followed by pain, then life turns into suffering" (Avicenna 980 — 1037). Being still a student, I on own body felt what is the grown fingernail. Therefore I want to share the experience treatments and preventions of this disease.
    The grown fingernail (onychocryptosis) is the disease which is quite often found in ordinary life. At this pathology the edge of a fingernail grows into an outer or inner edge of a nail bed. What reasons promote developing of this pathology? Them a little: 1. heredity, 2. incorrectly picked up footwear size, 3. fungic infection, 4. injuries, 5th wrong cutting of fingernails.
What is understood as heredity? The fact that predisposition to growing of a fingernail is descended, caused owing to congenital genetic feature of the direction of its body height, or the longitudinal and metatarsus latus with a foot thumb curvature outside takes place.
  If the person wears close shoes with a pointed nose, and its profession is bound to long standing or walking, because of the constant pressure of edge of a leg upon the roller surrounding it in the form of a dermal cord there can be a disease the grown fingernail too.
  The fungic infection affecting a fingernail does it thick and rasping, injuring the nail roller, or affects a false skin of the nail roller, causing a panaritium.
  As for injuries, this reason is understood as emergence of illness after a freezing injury, bruises, cuts, and also a finger injury (including because of incorrectly picked up footwear).
The wrong cutting of a fingernail – here the most frequent cause of this disease. Cutting too shortly fingernails, cutting off deeply corners, eventually the person has 100% a warranty that it will have this problem in the near future.

Disease symptoms
   In tissues of finger-tips there are a lot of sensitive nervous terminations, and the grown fingernail, especially when walking in close footwear, has an effect the sharp pain sometimes forcing the person to limp. Growing into surrounding soft tissues, side edges of a nail plate irritate and damage them up to formation of the sores which are followed by growth of a granulyatsionny tissue – so-called "wild meat". And it, in turn, strengthens the fingernail pressure upon tissues, being followed even by a pyesis. Not only that at the patient the smile upon the face vanishes, even at night the sheet touch to a sore toe causes pain from which the person right there wakes up.
   Continuous inflammatory process conducts to the fact that the fingernail loses normal gloss, is thickened sideways, sometimes exfoliates. And at patients, for example, with a diabetes mellitus or an obliterating endarteritis, these phenomena can lead to development of phlegmon of foot or gangrene.

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