Thursday, April 20, 2017

Most 10 Shocking Popping Photo ! (Zits , Pimples and Acne)

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For a year, I had what I though was a skin tag of sorts on my face until one day when I decided to give it a squeeze.




№ 9

The year old bump on my head finally popped!

№ 8

I was told rpopping may like this. My mom refused to take a video of me removing my dad's 20 year old blackhead


№ 7

Found a hole in my armpit and I squeezed 

№ 6

So I was picking at a wart on my hand, when suddenly... 

№ 5

Removal of wart using black salve

№ 4

Had this lump on my forehead years thinking it was a wart. Moved to the South and after a week of intense sweating...

№ 3

      The mother of all pore strips... from my father.

№ 2

So my girlfriend was complaining about a mole on her back. Took a look at it today and... 

№ 1

Chocolate fondue took all the seeds out of this Strawberrg

What photo did you like ?

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