Friday, April 21, 2017

UNUSUAL LARGE INFECTION ( Abscess Removal on MrZit blog)

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So my friend had a pimple...

Monday 12th

So I had this pimple on my back. I took a photo of it, because I thought it was pretty big... little did I know, that this was nothing.

Wednesday 14th

Okay, so I could not help myself; I squeezed it in the shower. I put some betadine on it, and a few days later it looked like this...

Thursday 15th

Now, shit got hectic. At this point, my arm and neck were pretty sore so I came home early and felt sorry myself.

Friday 16th

At this point, I thought it was a good idea to go to a doctor. He sqeezed this badboy for a good five minutes while I clutched the desk with a weird feeling of pleasure and pain. He slapped a bandage on it, gave me some antibiotics and sent me on my way.

Saturday 17th

The doctor said to change the bandage after 3 days. This was after 1...
so I thought I better change it...

Saturday 17th

...And this is what was under there. Nice aye?

Saturday 17th

..It did feel okay now, the antibiotics had kicked in quickly and the pain from infection was on its way down.

Saturday 17th

...I had a shower, and there was a nice little 'core' left in there.

Saturday 17th

...Just another angle in this photo. I feel the contrast of the red swelling and the white pustule really are set off by the fading brightness across the image. Makes you really question social constructs and think about life and shit.

Sunday 18th

After a game of soccer, time to change the bandage again...

Sunday 18th

My back now seems to be the residence of some kind of slug type creature.

Sunday 18th

After a shower.

Sunday 18th


Sunday 18th

That thing would not come out. I tried pulling at it for a while, but it just seemed to be a part of me.

Tuesday 20th

My back has now been cleansed of its symbiot. This was due to the bandage coming off at soccer, so my shirt was rubbing at it for a while. Sorry to whoever found my bandage...

Thursday 22nd

Still just a hole in my back. Now it seems I just have to wait till some of my skin cells get together and fill this in....

About a month later, things are looking good! But no doubt there is a twist...

What is this slight blemish appearing on my supple white skin. Bah! Tis but a mosquito bite, noting more. Surely not photo worthy.

Boom! A wild boil appears. The doctor assures me this is an 'epidermal cyst', unrelated to the first one experienced several weeks prior. No need for antibiotics, as it does not look infected, apparently.

The doctor seems spot on, it begins clearing up, and I gain an inner peace with the world once more.

And then this happened.

So a new doctor, a trip to the infections diseases specialist, a few courses of boutique antibiotics (internal and external), bathing in ethanol, and bob's-your-uncle! Now several months on, the only thing better then my badarse scars is my sweet t-shirt tan line. Thanks for the memories people.

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